A10 15.6 samsung series 3 or hp envy

Hey all, tossing up between a samsung series 3 and a hp envy, both a10-4600, and hd7660 discrete. samsung has 6gb and hp 8gb memory, planning on using it mainly for web, with a couple of games sc, csgo, tf2, watching movies, a tiny bit of video editing and maybe some small cad work (proE/inventor). the samsung is roughly 50-80 cheaper at just under 670-750 and 750-800. (best buy, amazon, hp store, FS in order of above 4 prices)


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  1. if you are looking for something in this class, or for an amd a10 apu laptop, you could also check out the asus N56DP-DH11, the bigest advantage is the 1080p (1920x1080) screen over the 1366x768 that the hp and samsung has. this looks to be a big point if your going to be watching hd movies/photos.

  2. so being in canada in irritating to say the least ($120 postage and 5% tax, from the us), and turns out the samsung only has the apu dedicated graphics processor which i had not noticed.

    which leaves me with these two, a perhaps slightly better asus or a lighter hp.



    the hp is cheaper, a full cm thinner, (2.6v3.6cm) half a kg lighter (2.4v3kg), supposedly has longer battery life. the asus has a slightly better gpu (7670m vs 7730m) but that seams perhaps the only thing going for it at an extra $100. note that this asus deos not have the full 1080p screen, cannot find a single one in canada online for any price.
  3. Why not just go $950 for this IdeaPad Y500 that comes with a decent display (15.6" 1920x1080) and an even better GPU (GT 650M) at the same time.


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