Allow amd apu a6-3420m gpu to use more memory

i have an asus laptop that use the a6-3420m cpu and i was wondering if i could allow the igpu to use more of the ram, currently there is 4 gigs of ram installed and it uses 512 mb i would like to allow 1 gig as even when playing bf3 i do not reach 3 gigs of usage. i checked the bios and as an oem computer (obviously) there are no options to change the allowed memory. can i use a program to change this or am i hopeless?
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  1. The only way to assign memory is via the BIOS settings. Sorry.
  2. Is the 512 mb all dedicated video Ram or is it a combo of dedicated and shared.
    If no settings in Bios, and sharing is allowed - Try
    "you should also be able to change shared memory size from windows ati control should be under uma buffer size and select the memory size you wan tfrom there." Found by googling.
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