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Creating a bootable USB drive for a netbook.

i have a acer aspire one with windows xp on it. all of a sudden when i turn t on it says check cavle connection. PXE-E63 error while initializing the NIC
PXE--MOF exiting Intel PXE ROM
No bootable device-- insert boot disk and press any key.that is wat it is saying. i have the boot up on my seagate disk and it wont come on still. plz help me?
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    You need to reinstall the OS (in your case Windows XP).
    Anyway, if you have at least 1GB of RAM, you can install Windows 7 as well.
    For any operating system, you need to have a bootable CD / DVD (if your laptop has an optical drive) or a bootable USB flash drive

    Here you will find how to install windows 7
    and also, here you can learn how to make a bootable usb no matter what operating system you want to use.
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