HP dm4-1160us will not output hdmi to receiver.

However, it will output directly to the TV. I am wondering what coud be causing this problem as HDMI to receiver used to work fine, then just stopped working. I've tried no drivers, new drivers, old drivers, different cables, checked through the settings on the receiver all to no avail. I have no idea as what could be doing this and any help is appreciated.

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  1. Anyone have any idea on this?
  2. Bump, any help?
  3. Did you try F4 to switch the screen image between the computer display and the external monitor.
  4. Nope, that did not do anything. Like I said, it works on my TV but not my receiver. Yet the receiver can use my blu-ray player and my desktop. I've also tried reformatting my laptop many times to no avail.
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