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I'm looking (a couple of months early, but whatever) for a laptablet as i can see the tablet advantages to my work. however, i really don't want to take the hit on screen size (or lack of a hardware keyboard) that buying a tablet would mean, not do i want to carry even more devices. can anyone suggest either a current, or a soon to be releases convertible with a 15.6 inch screen (or 17, but prefer the 15 ish laptops), that weighs in similarly to an equivalently sized laptop. if at all possible, I'd love a number pad on the keyboard too.
thanks for any help.
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  1. I don't know of any. I have been looking to see if there are any 14"+ convertible laptops. So far the largest is 12.5".

    I will assume weight is a major factor because most people wouldn't want to carry around a tablet that weighs in at 5lbs - 6lbs; even if it is in actuality a laptop.
  2. I know there is the Lenovo yoga 13, weighs about 3.5lbs. But i would really rather a bit bigger. Tbh, weight isn't too much if a factor for me as i mostly envisage using it as a laptop, and going to tablet just occasionally ( though the Sony tap 20 is probably a bit too large. No hardware keyboard anyway.)
  3. Same here. I would use a 14" or 15.6" most of the time as a laptop and only occasionally use it as a "large bulky tablet" like when I am sitting down in a train so that I can either review some work, or study.

    My preference would actually be the ThinkPad X230t. With the Yoga you merely fold the laptop "inside out" so that screen is on one side while the keyboard is on the other. I don't like that concept. The keys can get damaged. The X230t is different. The screen can be twisted around and then folded down so that it covers the keyboard. However, that design does make it slightly heavier at 3.7bls.
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