possible graphix card problem

I am writing this from a backup computer
About a week ago while playin Unreal Tournament (Awesome Game) my computer screen suddenly went blank and since then it turns on but nothing comes on the screen (will nto boot up) This problem had happened about one week previous but after trying to turn it on and off for over 2 hours i stopped and let the computer rest overnight and lo and behold i turned it on in the morning and worked just fine. Its not responding this time. All i get if im lucky is the AGP bios name but it locks after that.
I was wondering if anyone with better knowledge of hardware than me could help with this problem... Could it be a dead/faulty video card, BIOS PROBLEMS?, faulty motherboard?
I've heard mention of GeForce/Athlon problems before.. could it be that..?

my system configuration is

900mhz Athlon
Epox mother board
Visiontek GeForce 2 DDR 32MB AGp graphics card
256MB pc133 Ram
SBLive soundcard
cheap 56 k modem

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated
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  1. What kind of power supply do you have? You need a 300 watt
    for that kind of set up.
  2. Remove all cards cept video,
    reinsert memory and processor (may be loose)
    see what happens
    after that try things one at a time maybe you can borrow video card and memory from someone or use from another computer...

    Bored,Certified Tech
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