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Hey guys, so a friend of my dads have me a laptop to check out. he doesnt know whats wrong, and i was not able to revive it either. i originally thought it was a bad hard drive, so i went to boot ubuntu off a usb to see if it would work. the computer passes the post screen, and i get to the ubuntu language menu, but when i try to install the screen goes into a flurry of colors. i will attach some pictures. does anyone know what the problem may be?
this is the screen that i can get to ^
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  1. Try with an external monitor and see if the issues happens:

    1 - If it does, then it means that the problem is with graphics chip, which cannot be replaced (most of times).

    2 - it it does not happen with external monitor, then there is something wrong with laptop LCD. Could be inverter or LCD panel itself.
  2. What kind of graphics does the laptop have? It sounds like maybe the graphics broke/ stopped working.
  3. Yeah, i already tried it with an external monitor, getting the same problem. am i to assume the apu is bad? because if the graphics chip chip was bad, shouldnt the ubuntu screen not show at all?
  4. Well does the laptop have a discrete card or an APU? You can't have both. Another question, is the laptop noticeably hot? It could be that some socket burnt out. There is also the possibility of some soldering becoming undone, not by heat, just by wear and tear.

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