Dell XPS 1730m problems

Hello all. Hope you can help me out in rgards to my Dell xps 1730m laptop. Upon pressing the power button the screen remains black . I thought it may have been the battery so I got a new one, but the screen is still the same.

Upon reading many articles covering similar problems by others I think it maybe the graphics card which happens to be a nvidia 8700m gt sli. Any advice on how I can confirm it is the graphics card causing the black screen ?

Also if it is the graphics card is there better one I can upgrade to for my system ? I know on desktops you can only upgrade so much due to motherboard and bottleneck restrictions.

Hope you can advise .


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  1. when you have the power adapted plugged in...does it boot? any lights turn on? fans spin on?

    no you cannot upgrade laptop's graphics as they are integrated into the motherboard, you can only replace ram..hard drive...processor...wireless card and thats about it
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