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Hey guys! I have 1 dell inspiron 1545 laptop and very soon im getting another one for free and i was wondering if there was any way possible to interconnect this 2 laptops to act as one computer? They both are the same model ( Pentium dual core - 2.2 ghz 4gbs of ddr2 ram and 64 bit windows 7). ive never done somethign liek this before and this is usually the first place i go to to ask for help. I hope that someone could please give me feedback no matter what kind it is. Thank you!
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  1. No you can't do what you're hoping. All you can do is share the data on the drives over the network.
  2. ok thanks! so yuor saying via lan i can get files from one to another?
  3. or wifi - yes, it's called Networking
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