Petty ... but..

Alo again.

So with research.. and helpful advise (Thanks !)
I'm seriously considering the Lenovo Y500.

Only.. um.. I hate red. Really. A lot. AKA It would annoy me everytime I saw it.. and the whole "getting over it"? Would just make me hate it all the more.

Do you think there's any way to get rid of the red, including the backlight?
(I think this is the one with back light.. which I'd LOVE..)
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  1. Then why not step up to the IdeaPad Y580 series?
  2. I would.. but I'm already pushing it spending $800.

    Unless of course I sold my desktop. No real reason to keep it I guess..

    What would you say a HP Pavilion Elite m9715f w/ Blu-ray desktop with a Samsung screen (19"?) is worth?

    With and without the screen??
  3. Several of my friends have the Y580, it's a lovely little device.
  4. The keyboard backlight can be turned down or off by holding FN and then pressing the spacebar. Here's a user review:
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