Laptop getting torn from the corner

This is about my 2 yr old HP DV7 17" laptop. 1 year ago, it kinda got torn from the corner. I paid over 1200Rs (around 23 $) for its repair at a private laptop service shop. Now its again getting torn at the same location.

I dont want to spend money every now and then coz of this. Am in desperate need of some fix which I can carry out by myself.
Any suggestions?
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  1. more dust in that place.remove back cover clean the dirt with compressed air or cotton cloth.put the back cover.gently press the Tron place it can correctly fit.
  2. u r need is small and good screw driver.and good cotton cloth.cation: any damage to the parts the laptop not working so carefull .remember slow and steady wins the race.
  3. sure this can be fixed by removing back cover using just a screwdriver? isnt there any special glue or something for this to settle at its place?
    Experts, plz give some more insight.
  4. Available: name "fevi quick" just buy 5rs or 10rs pack.apply that before it goes solid. before doing this remove dust from laptop is highly recomended.
  5. i think this is more than a mere fevi quick job
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