Computer freezes in word!

Help... my computer freezes while I am word processing with MS word while listening to a CD... I am using these components:
Celeron 1.7G
Gigabyte GA-8S648
Generic GF MX400
sound/network is integrated
Hitachi (or IBM??) 60G harddrive
Gigabyte 16x DVD drive

Could it be a power supply problem? its a 300 w power supply but you never know... The computer just suddenly stops responding and basically freezes completely... even the music stops. also when it goes into suspend mode it doesnt wake up ever... unless I press the reset buttom.
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  1. does it freeze only if you use word and play music at the same time? or does it freeze regardless of what you are doing after a certain amount of time? if thats the case, then yea, i would think its the power supply problem. I used to have a problem similar to that, my computer would just freeze after a certain ammount of time on and i would have to turn off and on again, and it would still freeze. What i did is vaccum the powersupply, to take all the dust out, and it magically worked. try that first. If it only freezes when you specifically use word and play music, then try reinstalling word and your music software.

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  2. My computer is brand new, so no way would there be dust in the power supply... However I uninstalled Norton Internet Security (ones that came with the motherboard) and magically it appeared to stop freezing... I wonder if it had to do with the program sucking up resources or something....? It does this like all the time, like I could leave the computer alone and suddenly it freezes, I would be watching a movie or typing or whatever and it just does it, after getting rid of norton I ran the computer nonstop for several hours playing CD and running some kind of process (like screen saver or whatever) and so far no problems.
  3. yea, you should pretty much remove all that crap. ive been using my computer for 5 years without antivirus and without a problem (except for that damn blaster worm virus) but if ure really paranoid, all you would need is an antivirus.

    My computer is so fast it proves the theory of relativity wrong... :eek:
  4. Quote:
    but if ure really paranoid, all you would need is an antivirus.

    I firewall is even better. You can check your computer for viruses on the internet for free. But I still suggest an AV of some kind. And keep it updated.

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  5. What AV would you recommend? I am too afraid to use Norton anything, I had so much problems with Norton anything in the past (Like CrashGuarentee uhh.. I mean CrashGuard) Is PC Cillin good?
    BTW is it possible to change languages on windows XP? I am so accustomed to English but I cant get english XP here and all I got is chinese version... Do they have some kind of a patch that allows you to change to another language?

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  6. a firewall is a good protection, but sometimes it blocks you ports that you need for file sharing, online gaming, etc. which you certainly can open, but its often a hassle. if youre careful and know ur stuff, you certainly dont need a firewall

    My computer is so fast it proves the theory of relativity wrong... :eek:
  7. i think a fiewall is needed, but i am paranoid too. <A HREF="" target="_new"> get a nice one here </A>

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