At a lose with stutter/microstutter/delay...

laptop Specs:
CPU: i7-2630QM @ 2.00Ghz
OS: Win7 64bit
GPU: Nvidia GT555M (optimus /w Intel integrated)
HDD: WD7500BPKT ATA Device

Ok the basics, last year i bought a custom built "gaming" laptop (dont worry i know now there is no such thing lol) and have had several issues with it, most of all being hot temp's (go figure...)

I bought it with MMO gaming in mind, SWTOR and most recently GW2. Although GW2 is poorly optimized and CPU intensive i had the laptop and client running at reasonable temps and settings. This was after a dust out of the insides and a repaste on the CPU/GPU (which was planned).

Up until a few days ago everything was fine. Now when trying to play the game im noticing micro stutter (and im pretty sure it is happening in windows too, things that loaded almost instantly are now noticably delayed. One thing i should point out before i go on is that i accidentally dropped the laptop roughly a metre onto carpeted floor while moving rooms. Because of this, i decided to try and narrow the problem to software/hardware, and as im not too tech savvy (especially with laptops) i've been using the internet and all its wonders to try and fix or pinpoint the problem. Here is a list of what i've done over the last 48 hours:

1. Repaste'd CPU and GPU again.

2. Formatted the HDD completely and fresh install of Win7. Installed all stock drivers needed from the CDROM provided by manufacturer (no issues previously with those)

3. Ran virus check's with Avast then Avira, system clean.

4. After installing GW2 again, tried it out with nothing installed on the computer besides drivers and browser (no AV either). defragged the games install location with razer Gameboost.

5. Tried several different GPU driver's from the previous ones i was using, making sure to use driverfusion for clean remove/install.

6. As im using a USB mouse/keyboard (no issues previously) i disabled the others, and any other hardware not "in use" through device manager.

7. Made sure nothing unwanted was running on startup through msconfig. Razer gameboost also shuts down or supresses any unneeded services etc while gaming. Used it before and after the problems.

8. Was mainly using WIFI connection before, but since the problems have moved onto wired connection.

9. Downloaded Western Digital lifeguard diagnostics to check HDD. Have ran quick test but yet to do full test. ??

10. Downloaded several different diagnostics tools like Throttlestop, quietHDD, battleping. Also read many posts around here and on various other forums regarding micro stutter and fixes i.e stopping win7 from core parking. No noticable difference.

11. I've also downloaded memtest86 but have yet to use it.

After noticing the microstutter/lag etc in game it really appears that its effecting the whole system. For instance when i open IE and go to a website sometimes it will hang, though if i immedietly reload the site it'll pop straight away. This was happening before and after the format. Also im pretty sure i can see it when watching video's on youtube etc. Just the system in general seems to "hang" or "delay" for a few ms...enough to notice. The keyboard and mouse pointer are however, not effected.

I've been gaming for a good 15 years and can tell when there is an issue, its just im not sure where. To me, it appears that because things are delaying slightly in their load that it could be a damaged HDD/RAM or even worse Mobo.

I've visited this forum several times through google for various issues and know that there's alot of people around here who know what their talking about so thought i'd create an account and see if anyone can point out anything i may have missed in my futile attempt :??:
So, any help is greatly appreciated. Awesome community btw ;)
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  1. About to run full HDD check using Western Digital lifeguard tool. Will update this thread if i find the problem. :pt1cable:
  2. I have since reseated the ram (2x4gb) swapping their positions on the board. No effect.

    Can anyone recommend other boards i can paste my post as it appears this might be a bigger problem than i first thought. Just hope its not the Mobo :(
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