3D Mark 2000 Is my score ok??

I have a AMD Duron 800, 128-pc-133
gigabyte 7ZM
Riva Tnt 2 pro 32 meg agp4x
my score was 1928
how is that?
ok or poor?
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  1. i got 2300 with my voodoo 3 2k pci
    667 celeron, 128ram
  2. oh my goodness that is horrible. when i had my vodoo3 2000 i used to get 3000 to 3100. now with my tbird@ 1050mhz and gladiac geforce2 ultra, i get over 10000 baby!!!!!!

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  3. [-peep-] with my PIII600e and my TNT2 Ultra I used to get about 3200.Must be something wrong in your setup
  4. Horrible huh?
    My system runs pretty good
    but 1 problem i am having is windows is eating away at my memory bad
    i know u all say oh thats just windows 98 or me thats how it is, it isnt! my old k6-2 350 with only 64 megs of ram could have tosn open and never have memory issues
    some reason even getting into windows and using controlalt delete and have nothign running im using more then 1/2 my memory after time goes on my resources drop even with nothing much running.
    what could cause this or... my low 1928 score?
    Please help. Alan
  5. Hey what res are u running the benchmark in for these tests anway? by defualt its 1024 for me
    i lowered it to 640x480 and i for 2798

    what res is supposed to be in etc..
  6. That is really bad performance, I had the same problem, my geforce was slow as hell in d3d. I had 1420 marks on an athlon 600 and a K7M, I updated the bios and agp drivers and got 5400 out of it... you should hit 3000 no problem I think. These scores are for the default benchmark too, 1024*768*16.
  7. that is pretty bad i get 3348 on my machine here is my specs:
    t'bird 800
    128 pc 100
    tnt II ultra
  8. When people post their scores, it's at the default (1024x768).
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