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Quake 3

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
a b U Graphics card
February 1, 2001 7:45:29 AM

when I launch Quake 3 Arena it throws up with an error message that reads: unable to open GLsub system. I had no probelms with Q3 before I reformatted and reinstalled Win ME. However, none of my other games/software have any problems whatsoever. Nortons Util 2000 says all is healthy. Quake 2 installs and runs without any problems.... help me, I need my Q3 fix!
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a b U Graphics card
February 1, 2001 12:06:27 PM

You will need to reinstall the VIA chipset drivers for your mobo, and after rebooting, reinstall your video drivers. This will fix your unable to open GL sub system error. Upon installing WinME, it overwrites the existing VIA drivers. Anytime a reinstall of the OS occurs, all drivers for critical components should be reinstalled to assure the correct version is in place. As for the video drivers, it may appear to be working correctly, but WinME install its own NVidia drivers most of the time regardless of what you have installed. Download the latest drivers if you have them, but before re-installing go into the Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, and remove anything related to NVidia drivers and reboot before you install the video drivers again.
February 1, 2001 1:18:33 PM

I have to agree
winbloze needs updated, go for via 4-1 drivers
and the anyone detonator driver
personally i like the newest ones but some people will tell you ...there might be a very slight performance increase with like 5.3 det
I use 6.5 myself with my viper770 ultra
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a b U Graphics card
February 1, 2001 2:30:29 PM

sounds silly, but...have you run glsetup?

This happened to me when I did a total reinstall...took me 1/2 an hour to work out that I'd not loaded the GL drivers (doh). Had that problem again when I upgraded my vid card from Matrox Mystique 4mb with 2x Voodoo2 8mb to an Asus V770 GTS 64mb (silky, even on a 500MHz Celeron at 1024x768).

Wondered why Quake3 was upset...only took me 2 mins to realise 2nd time :o )


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a b U Graphics card
February 1, 2001 2:58:35 PM

You do not need to run GL Setup with the NVidia Drivers. If it does not work, than reinstall the drivers as they have more current GL drivers installed over what GL Setup does. Reinstalling the OS, or WinME, overwrites certain driver files not allowing OpenGL to work, and thus necessitates a driver reinstall...