Is the Hp Envy 15 actually bad?

Hi everyone. I am looking at getting a new computer and I was looking at an HP Envy 15t-3200 and it seemed great, but then I started reading lots of reviews and there seems to be a lot of reports of dented usb ports, the screen not displaying reds properly (although that may be a previous generation), and the felt in the dvd drive blocking the dvd. I was hoping someone could tell me if these problems are commonplace in the HP Envy 15t-3200 or if they have been resolved. Thanks.
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  1. Sad to say, ALL HP computers and laptops are poor build-quality and unreliable.
    My advice is stay away from them.

    No doubt some will respond to this with comments that don't agree with mine. Well that's good for them, they've been lucky, but bad reports on HP IT equipment far outweigh the good ones.

    There's a good reason why HP IT equipment is amongst the cheapest available.
  2. I know I really shouldn't advertise another website. But notebook review is more focused on specific laptop model so if you read through it, you get a good idea of what you may be getting:
  3. If you want a laptop try Asus or Lenovo. I had an HP laptop and I will never buy another HP product again. They make junk.
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