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Indianapolis, IN

--Midway Space Invaders Deluxe cocktail - not working(PS??), fair condition
--Pop A Ball - mostly working, missing ticket dispenser, working WG 13"
--Paperboy - complete except no monitor, cab good condition, unable to test
--WG 25K7191 25" monitor - not working(blown fuse at AC), no burn
--(4) 19" WG monitors - various stages of working(missing color, H
collapse, screen burn)
--box of WG/Electrohome, not working monitor chassis'/parts (apprx 12)
--NBA Jam PCB - test screen shows chip fault, may still work
--Double Dragon PCB - says 'working', untested
--ESWAT PCB & Power Supply - untested
--Nintendo VS. PCB - partially working(resets continually), has RBI roms
& Excitebike roms
--Glass monitor bezels - Robotron (some flaking), Gorf (decent but dirty)
--power supply PCB - marked "for stargate", untested
--2 Stern PCBs - I was told they go in a pinball game(sound/speech boards),
--Control Panel from a Mercs, 3 player, unpopulated, wood & metal
--Control Panel(metal) from a NEO GEO cab, no controls, has LED's, good
condition, no extra holes

$400 or make reasonable offer. Will consider trades.

Can send shipping.

email: usa1 at iei dot net


"That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest."
-Henry Thoreau

"The original point and click interface is a Smith and Wesson"
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I may be taking a road trip out to IN but I wont know until the
    weekend. if no one else claims your stuff by Sunday please email me.

    richie at punchrecords dot net

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