Sony Vaio VPCCW16FG trouble...

I was using my cousins VPCCW16FG and his Windows wasnt Genuine so I inserted a Genuine Windows 7 DVD and rebooted and wen into BIOS......I set the First Boot to Optical Drive....but then it did not boot up with the DVD...I Directly opened Windows and then saw that the DVD was not in My Computer......I have to install Windows 7 tommorow could you please tell me what to do.....I think the DVD player has no driver cuz the Windows installed had no drivers.......or maybe the DVD player is faulty..........Please help........ :cry:
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  1. it sounds like you dont know what you're doing so i would not recommend re installing windows lol
  2. Does it have a windows sticker on the bottom of the Laptop? If so, is the version the same as the one on the computer? If it has a Windows key try activating it with that.
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