Display freezes in win98 with Diamond v770 tnt 2

I was running winme with my diamond v770 tnt2, K6-2 333 128MB and had minor freezing on the screen, but liveable.
I upgraded my cpu to 500 and the screen freezing and lots of error messages i.e. explorer has caused an unknown error;
scandisk has caused an unknown error;
it was intolerable.
Reverted back to my 333 and got simular results.
I installed win98 se and get no error messages but still get system freezing when I increase the resolution.
I have tried the install drivers on the diamond cd, upgraded to the latest drivers from the diamond website, tried the windows update driver, tried the nvidia diplay drivers and nvidia denotator 3 drivers.
I have had the best luck using the diamond updated drivers.
I have also downloaded the .dll file that becomes corrupt after installing the Internet Explorer 5 version.

Any Recommendations would be appreciated.
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  1. The problem I had with my TNT2 was solved using the old det 2 drivers 5.3.2 I think... It wont run stable with the det 3 for some reason I get the big blue screen at times and it wont shut down.
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