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Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop for HD video editing and I am wondering if a 4 core 1.9 GHz processor is going to be much better than a 2 core 2.7 GHz processor? Forgive my ignorance, but it is more processors, but slower?

Here are the comparisons:

Processor Type AMD A6-4400M
Processor Cores 2
Processor Speed 2.7 GHz
Processor Cache 1 MB L2


Processor Type AMD A8-4500M
Processor Cores 4
Processor Speed 1.9 GHz
Processor Cache 4 MB

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Depends on the encoder software. some of them still only use on core, some use all cores and some benefit from a gpu. Read the specs of your software.
  2. Usually for video editing 4 cores is better than 2.

    What is your budget?
  3. It is pretty low. 500$ range. The reason I ask is that there are two options and one laptop has the 2 core specs and the other has the 4 core specs. It sounds like the software might not take advantage of all cores making the more expensive option slower? Is this possible?

    I usually edit with Edius...
  4. The more cores the better.
  5. Be sure you have an open slot to install a video card as more and more software is using GPU compute.
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