Laptop suddenly shut downs


i have this laptop that suddenly shut down, things i tried:

1.Format harddisk and reinstall windows still suddenly shut downs
2.stay in BIOS still suddenly shut downs
3.remove battery still suddenly shut downs
4.reattached battery and remove the power adapter still suddenly shut downs
5.remove harddisk still suddenly shut downs even i wait in BIOS or in windows
6.change RAM still suddenly shut downs
7.check if there is thermal pasta in CPU still suddenly shut downs
8.remove CD still suddenly shut downs
9.the CPU fan does work still suddenly shut downs

can someone help me please and thank you :)
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  1. Sounds like it is overheating. Can you open hwmonitor to watch temps until it shuts down?
  2. everytime it shut downs i check if the CPU is hot or not, and its not warm
  3. what program do you use to check the temp?
  4. my finger :) its not hot when its shut downs
  5. Run chkdsk /r on your hard drive by going into My Computer > Right-click on C: drive > Under Tools Tab > Error Checking > Select both check boxes and click Accept. Restart your computer and let it run. Be sure your AC adapter is plugged into the laptop.

    The next step is to review the Windows Event Logs during the time of the shutdown. Most the time there is an event that will give you some insight into the restart.

    - T
  6. How are you touching the cpu? You mean you are removing the heatsink and touching the cpu every time it shuts down? It would be cool by then...
  7. @Spiriitus

    ill try it and get back to you if its not shutting all the time


    i have remove the back cover so i can see the fan is going and can touch the CPU metal if its hot or not
  8. The heatsink? If the heatsink isn't getting hot then there isn't good contact with the cpu, hence the cpu overheating. Did you clean off the old thermal paste and reapply when you took off the heatsink before? Use hwmonitor for temps, your finger is not very good thermocouple.
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