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I have a Geforce 2 gts card that is in my agp slot, and i put in an old ati rage pro in a pci slot and ran dual monitors for just regular windows, and applications that dont require OpenGL like photoshop and flash, but if i try to run a program that uses opengl like 3dsmax or any game for that matter, the program just wont load, I was wondering if there is anyone out there running dual displays using a geforce in their agp slot and another card in their pci, and if so what kind of card is it because i want one.

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  1. I've had a few friends who have done it, doesn't work very well, its a pain in the ass for certain applications and games. My suggestion? Sell the two cards, buy an Asus 2V1D with tv-out and two monitor out, for 135 dollars... Very high frame rates as well...
  2. I have a Annihilater 2 Ultra and a Voodoo3Pci running in Dual Monitors. I havent experience any problems running anything.All my games load up in the AGP slot. If you are having trouble with the GL, Disable The Pci Monitor and It should run fine. Open GL doesnt work in Dual, but I have always just Disabled it and No probs from there.
  3. I have dual video cards. ati radeon 32mb ddr + cl savage4 32mb. works really well each monitor get the same FPS in quake3

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