Need help to buy 15.6inch notebook


AMD laptops are attracting me with less cost and more space & memory, are they reliable enough over Intel 3rd Gen Ci5.
Am not a regular gamer, but latest versions of games like Counter Strike, AOE will be on my PC.

Max Budget 38k

Min. requirements
Long life battery with more than 4 hours working
Good Build Quality
Good Sound Quality
Good warranty
Graphics Intel HD4000 or more or equivalent.
2 USB 3.0
Should connect with HD1080p TV
Windows (Any) optional but good if its pre-installed

Here are few desired

need more options with good performance on lower side of budget (can compromise on RAM for this, as it can be added later)
without any maintance required later
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  1. Amd wins in integrated graphic capability...

    if the lappy without dedicated mGPU i would pick amd rather than intel ones...

    HP ones looking good but it lack of OS that may increase the budget to buy the OS...
    So i pick samsung....
  2. I have no clue what is going on with those laptops you listed what is RS 3445?
    anyways i am hoping its not $3500!!!

    I believe the AMD A10 4600M will do good against the i5. if you dont mind refurbished you can look up the m6 1035dx laptop which has a good graphic card and more than enough for your gaming needs. only for $450
  3. RS is rupee (India currency) if I'm not mistaken...
  4. oh okay cool tnxs rdc. well then 38000 rupees is equal to 699 U.S dollars. i am not sure if you are limited to certain websites but like I said google and find a refurbished
    HP m6 1035dx. that laptop will crush those that you found by good amount.
    good luck
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