A8-4500m i3-3110m comparison

looking at the HP G7-2275dx laptop or the Toshiba C875-S7304 laptop from Bestbuy...HP is A8-4500M w/Radeon 7640G and Toshiba is i3-3110M w/ integrated. Going to use for my 9 year old daughter for 4th grade school applications including kids games. Thanks.
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  1. the toshiba is a 17" and hp is a 14". the HP probably better for a 4th grader.
  2. If your daughter needs to carry the laptop around with her, then the 14" laptop is the better choice because it's lighter.

    If it's just gonna stay home, then the toshiba would probably be the laptop to get because the integrated graphics is more powerful than Intel's HD 4000. But it is still considered weak for games.
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