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hello I have a ASUS M5A99Xevo motherboard with a am3 socket. i've installed a khuler h2o 920 water cooler for my cpu and installed the chill control software. when ever i run the chill control software its not detecting to the usb control. i am also running windows 8/64 bit preview. i've tried locating it through the device manager as well as changing the ports i plug into. The water cooler is working perfectly fine. Please someone help me.Thanks
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  1. I know it sounds like a dumb question, but did you connect the Antec pump to a usb header on the board? It can be connected in the wrong direction as well(make sure the side with NO PIN from the Antec is in the spot with no pin on the header.). so watch out for that.
  2. yeah i have connected correctly with the black lead on the right hand side
  3. The only other thing I could see(shy of a defect) would be a lack of Win8 support for the cooler at this time.

    Are you able to test under win?
  4. Could it be their drivers/software doesn't work on Windows 8?
  5. yes thats definately the problem. ive done trouble shooting and it came up as incompatible driver..o man this sucks i'm just gonna buy a h2o 620 now i'll keep the 920 for a new build. thanks nuke master
  6. yep its a driver incompatibility issue
  7. The unit should function without the drivers(or even usb connection). You just can not check the fan speeds and whatnot.

    The 920 is a better cooler then the 620.
  8. its the test version of windows 8 that i'm using i've tested it on another pc and its working fine
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