Hey, So im thinking of purchasing a new laptop in the near future most likely on boxing day. I have 3 options to choose from I'm some-what computer savy but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The 3 options are:

Option 1: Hp Envy M6 A8-4500m proc. 4mb l2 cache. 8gb ram. 7640g + 7470m dual graphics priced at 699.99 but can get cheaper on boxing day most likely 550-600.


Option 2:Hp Pavilion G6 15.6. Specs: Same as above except 100$ cheaper o.o ?? There might be something I may have missed not to sure if someone could check thatd be awsome.


Option 3: (its a bit out of my price range but if the quality of it compared to the a8-4500m is a huge gap then its worth it)
A10-4600m, 8gb RAM, 7660g + 7470m dual graphics 1TB HDD

Not sure what speed is of the RAM/HD's I believe there 1333mhz for ram and 5200 rpm

Mostly what im going to be doing is watching youtube videos, facebook, and quite a bit of gaming like bf3 cod.. all that good stuff so could someone please help determine which one I should get and what fps can I get on newer games thanks alot :D

http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/hewlett-packard-hp-pavilion-m6-15-6-laptop-silver-amd-a10-4600m-1tb-hdd-8gb-ram-windows-8-m6-1188ca/10225642.aspx?path=c55723598b8735f0c1030d3601c240fben02 .
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  1. if gaming is what you want i wouldnt be looking at any of them particularly for bf3 go custom build hp like most oems are garbage
    btw that 3rd option you mention is totally mismatched (the gpu's) if your on a budget your far better getting something like a cheap i3 or even a g850 pentium which are cheap as chips and better for gaming than the amd apu's (with a discreet gpu of course) 4 gig of the cheapest 1333 ddr3 you can get and pretty much any 1155 socket mobo you want as there will be no overclocking, what ever size hdd you need a cheapish case and a low wattage reputable psu and spend the rest of your budget on the best gpu u can get and maybe look up some of toms budget 500 buck gaming rigs
  2. Repost.

    Anyways. A year ago I bought a $1000 HP Envy and it played BF3 on Low settings. The GPU was a 5650, which is now considered a low end model. Don't expect to play that game on your $600 HP on High, maybe Medium with low settings.

    I'd go with option 2. The A10 won't help out gaming much if at all. Two things are important: 1) Quad core (preferably Intel...faster) 2) Good GPU.
    A i7 is a great CPU but without a good GPU the i7 is worthless in graphically intensive games.

    If you really want to play BF3 you need a desktop. You could build one for around $600 (without monitor) and it'll smoke the Envy laptops any day. Also, the laptop will get hot, so extra cooling is necessary. A cooling pad is highly recommended.
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