Laptop freezes with HDMI

Hey forum people,

My laptop will randomly freeze when I have the TV plugged in through the HDMI. It's has not always behaved this way.... Will usually happen when a program (VLC, Winamp, .... ) is minimised/maximised, closed/opened. There is no BSOD. It just freezes. The audio will usually keep playing & often the mouse cursor switches to the 'working' ring and then stays that way.

I switched to the latest NVIDIA beta drivers as I needed them to get Black Ops II to work, so I thought it was that. I switched back, using the clean install option, but it has not solved the problem.

I have the latest drivers from the manufacturers website as well as Driver Reviver. Windows is fully up to date, as is my anti-virus & anti-spyware.

Win 7 64 Ultimate
8 gigs ram ddr3
NVIDIA 650m 2gigs ddr5
128gig ssd & 750gig hdd

Advice/solutions would be appreciated!
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  1. No one has a single suggestion? What's happened to Toms.....
  2. Well I've solved the problem I'll say what I did for anyone else with the same issue. Downloaded CCleaner, plus the latest audio & video drivers (NVIDIA & Intel). Uninstalled drivers, ran CCleaner, restarted, installed the new drivers and finally restarted again. After an initial test it all seems to be working properly. Will post back if it turns out not to be so....

    I'll now re-install those Beta Nvidia drivers and see if Black Ops 2 will work again....
  3. No dice. New official drivers did not help either. Glad Toms has been so helpful...
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