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Convertible Gaming Laptop

Hi, I'm looking for a convertible laptop that can play emulated PS3 and XBOX 360 games smoothly at medium settings and 1600X900 resolution. Convertible as in 'can be used as a tablet'. I do a lot of Photoshop with my digital pen, and I'm also planning to test out Windows 8.

I don't really care about the weight and thickness, but screen size has to be at least 13 inches since that's the minimum I feel comfortable with. Budget isn't an issue, and neither is battery life. A 128 GB SSD would be nice if possible, but not really necessary. Neither is any sort of optical drive.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. There are no PS3 or Xbox 360 emulators.
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    FYI, what you're looking for is called a Tablet PC:

    I have an Asus one from 3-4 years ago that I also used for CG work. It's very nice for that and much better than having an external graphics tablet in some ways.

    However, it's not as good as one would think for Windows 8. A mouse or even the touchpad works quicker and easier and using a pen on the UI made for touch just feels gimmicky. The only thing that would really work is if the Tablet PC supported touch input besides pen input. I would recommend to definitely visit a Best Buy or some such and play around with one if you are still unsettled.
  3. jaguarskx said:
    There are no PS3 or Xbox 360 emulators.

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