Games just off location for sale,or open to trades.Games a..

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All games are just off location.They need a GOOD cleaning.All have
great Monitors unless otherwise noted.
They all function 110%.They will not come with keys or locks to the
coin doors.All games below are open to trade,or REASONABLE offers.Or
package deals are Ok also.

Puzzle Loop--Nice Midway 25 inch cabinet.

Tekken Tag --Namco style cabinet with the head slanted.Plays
great.Needs minor color adjustment.Cabinet OK.

Buster Bros--19 inch cabinet.Plays great, cabinet OK.

Showtime 2000 gold edition Blitz. NFL/NBA.Ded cabinet is very
nice.Plays great and Very nice picture.Needs cleaning.

Rampage World tour--I think it was a dynamo cabinet with a 27
monitor.Cabinet Ok.Nice picture.

Super Buster Bros--19 inch cabinet.Plays great, cabinet OK.

Dynamite Dux--19 inch cabinet.Plays great, cabinet OK.

Gaunlet Dark Legacy--Very nice dedicated cabinet and picture.

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I'm not one for making offers, so....What are you looking to get for
    the Gauntlet game?

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