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So im investing in a Laptop in the near future and have been searching everywhere to find the best bang for my buck. My budget is 600-800$ around there. I have 3 things in mind if you could tell me which one will run games best like bf3 black ops 2 dirt 3 and some others like skyrim. these are my options. ps: if you could suggest a couple other ones that are in the price range that are better/similar would be greatly appreciated thanks :D

Option 1: Hp Pavilion 67, Intel i5-3210m, 8gb RAM, HD Radeon 7670m.

Option 2:Hp Pavilion M6, A10-4600m, 8gb RAM, HD Radeon 7660G.

Option 3:Basically the same specs as the 2nd option but quite a bit less except this one has 6gb RAM.

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  2. Hello,

    I would go for the first one, but don't expect any great performance from it

    have you tried looking at Clevo laptops, you should be able to get something a lot more powerful for your money
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