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I want a really good graphics card and have been looking at ATI. I want it to perform extremely well under gaming, but have a tv tuner card and video editing capabilities. I was leaning towards the ATI all in wonder. Is there really that much difference in gaming experience between the all in wonder compared to the Radeon 64md ddr?
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  1. the ati is a good card for dvd compression mainly.. for gaming it works but theres alot of issues with it... going from the 32 meg version to 64 meg version you only get like 5 fps more (not really worth the extra 200.00) and by the time that games are demanding that type of ram on a video there will be NEWER cards out cheaper so i would say stick with 32 meg video to save yourself some money. also if your a gamer there is no other its GEFORCE 2 or nothing
  2. under current games, there isn't much difference between 64MB and 32MB, and certainly not enough to justify the cost. By the time games come out that need 64MB rather than faster GPU (which one can always use:), you'll likely be upgrading anyway:)
    I've got ATI AIW, plays any game I have and want, has great DVD and TV... bewarned though, some people insist that there are issues with it... I haven't had any problems, and none of my real-life friends have either, but apparently they do happen. Just look for a hobbit thread anywhere to find an extreme example:)

    Just thought I'd try to plug both sides in...:)
  3. Just get the 32mb ddr. its a good card w/ lastest drivers. Dont listen to hobbit.

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  4. Aside from the feature and memory differences, the All-in-Wonder and the 32mb DDR are both clocked at 166 mhz core/166 mhz memory while the 64mb DDR is clocked at 183/183.

    My friends 32mb DDR plays games quite well. Quake III looks great. He never benchmarked it though.
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