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Hello everyone,

I have an old toshiba satellite pro A200 laptop (PSAE4C-T010BC) and I would like to know how to install a second hard drive on it. I have removed the second hard drive cover under the laptop but I do not see any connectors. Do I need to buy an additional connector? In the BIOS it shows Hard disk 1 Fujitsu... and on Hard disk 2 it says "none" (meaning that they're isn't one installed)

Here are the full specs of this laptop:

Thank you.
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  1. Read the manual
  2. I have read the manual and it says

    HDD2* Hard Disk Drives store data, files and programs.
    (The availability of this function depends on the
    model you purchased.
  3. Looking at your specs there is no mention of hdd upgrades. You must not have a model that supports them. Look at your main hard drive, they usually have a caddy, try it in the second hdd position and see if it may work....
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