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Hi all,
Just wondering if it would benifit me putting my page file on to my second hard drive, would the system run smoother.

I have a amd 64 x2 5000+ 2.6ghz dual, 4gb xms2 800mhz corsair ram ddr2. My system runs fine, into i start gaming. I get some lag at times when high detail or system is on load.

I am running windows 7 64bit and when playing higher end game, my ram usage is up to 75% and higher when i have got windows media player open at the same time.

Never messed about with ram and page file before so need some advice.

Many thanks
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    What GPU have you got? a second pagefile may not give you that much of an increase but it's always handy to have a swap space on a second hard drive for some apps. I've only really noticed a difference in performance with a second page file with something like Photoshop.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply,
    i have got a 9800gt 1gb oc'd, the only things i do is the internet, gaming and online gaming.

    not sure if the problem is the page file or not to be honest. but i have had this system for a little while now and never had any problems with it lagging on games everything else seems fine apart from slowdown on internet sometimes. i just seen that you can transferr your page file to a 2nd hard drive.

    My second hard drive only gets used of pics, vids, music and backup files and still have 80% left on it where as my primary hard drive only has about 40gb left on it.

    I have put up a post in the cpu part of the forums about my cpu and done everything everyone has said and still has not changed the lagging
  3. Is there anything running in the background? run taskmanager and see there and order by process usage. I'd say move your page file any see if you notice any difference alright.
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  5. Ok thanks
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