LCD-Projector on WIN XP

have a old Notebook ( IBM ThinkPad R51 ) with WIN XP ( Standart ) for Travel.
On my next Travel i will go in a african shool and will create a informationhour with a LCD-Projetor.
So the Projector ( MT 2000 ) have a VGA cable.

What must i do that i become the Notebook-Deskop picture on the LCD-Projector ( = 2nd.Monitor )

Can you say me it step for step - or have you a Link for a atomatic update / Programme ?

Thanks for your help !
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  1. the simpliest way is to press the following button combination: "windows button +P" and there sellect either duplicate or extend
  2. Thanks for the ancer. But the IBM Think Pad R51 haven't a WIN button ......
    But i have seen on a other side that i can on the sytemmenue create a secound Monitor ( Clone )..... so its run . Thanks for your ancer . Oh can you say me the windows button on the IBM Think Pad R 51 ???
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