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Hey There ,
I have a lenovo r60 with having windows vista installed.
I wanted to have windows 7 when i started the setup.
It came as follows :
"Setup is Copying Temporary Files"
"error code : 0x0 . Please restart the installation"

When i tried copying the files on to my HDD then i started the setup this happened :
"Setup is Copying Temporary files"
"Setup is starting"

Then a Option came :
"use updates or not"

I chose not :
"error code : 0xe000100"

Please Help me Guys !!
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  1. How are you doing the install? Booting from the DVD?
  2. 1) Is it a legal version of Windows 7?
    2) Which version of Vista do you have installed, and which version of 7 are you trying to upgrade to?
  3. Yes i'm booting up from CD.
    Yes , It's a legal version of windows , i bought it from microsoft retailer
    I'm upgrading from Illegal Vista Ultimate to Legal Windows 7 Ultimate
  4. I notice that you say you are upgrading. Is this an upgrade version of Windows 7 or the full version?

    As your Vista is pirated I wouldn't expect an upgrade version of Windows 7 to succeed as it is looking for a previous genuine version of Windows. If you only have the upgrade version you may need to purchase the full version.
  5. You'll have to do a clean install, then.
  6. Hi,

    To resolve error code 0×0, you can use the hardware diagnostic tool.

    It helps to determine the specific piece of hardware that is not functioning correctly.

    Disable the DMA and use the registry cleaner to clean the registry.

    The error code 0×0 is mainly designed for allowing users to know about the installation process, whether it has successfully been completed.

    If it does not automatically continue then you can restart the computer to fix error code 0×0.
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