Upgrade software for NVIDIA RIVA TNT2?

Should I upgrade the software for my NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 card? It's using version The NVIDIA site had the Detonator3 update. Should I use this?
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  1. You should definetely get the latest driver from Nvidia's website. They usually offer much better performance than the drivers from the manufacturer.
  2. No. Don't listen to the other guy. TNT2 cards run much better with the Detonator 2 than the det. 3 drivers-look back a few months in Tom's graphic guide-a lot of people had problems with the upgrade. Get the last version of the pre-detonator 3 drivers for best performance.

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  3. Thanks, dude. I'll check the Detenator 2 software upgrade. Much appreciated.
  4. If I remember right, the last official Det2 was 5.22.

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