Help me !!! sad performances of my asus v7700 !!!

hi there...can someone help me on how to solve my problem ????

First of all my sysem's specs...

PIII 450
mobo Abit be6 (agp set to 2x, dideband and fastwrite off....) with the latest bios and chipset drivers
128mb pc100
asus v7700 deluxe
network adapter 10/100
scsi controller tekram cd390u2w
hd ibm dtla 45gb
hd quantum ka 13,5 gb
hd quantum viking II 4,5gb u2w scsi
dvd pioneer 10x
cd plextor 40x uscsi
mast. plextor plexwriter 8x
mouse microsoft intellimouse explorer optical
keyboard microsoft natural keyboard with usb hub
steering wheel logitech formula force feedback
microsoft sidewinder freestyle pro (joypad)
isdn ta roper flying isdn (serial plug)
plus other stuff.....

My problem are the 3d performance of my system... here are the benchmarks of 3dmark i had

under win2k (the os that i prefer to use)
asus 5.33 : 2450 directx 8a
asus 6.18 : 2480 directx 8a
detonator 6.50 : 2600 directx 7 (using these drivers and directx8 my system crashes and slowers ALOT... detonator 6.50 : 1034 directx 8 )

under winme
asus 5.33 : 2800
asus 6.31 : 3060
detonator 6.50 : 3080

i prefer not to use winme as is a crappy os (don't detect my modem in any way making impossible to connect to inet, the sys crashes on startup or on shutdown ecc ecc)

I think that those results are awful !!! I tested the card on a pIII 500 and gave me 4100 3dmark...

Here's what I tried with no luck :
-various formats and changes of os
-disabled all the other peripherals to see if the problem was irq sharing
-set the agp to 1x
changed the agp aperture size
-tried all the bios changes suggested in the geforce faq
-installed all the detonators beta drivers
-i checked the irqs and is all ok (my card don't share irqs with other peripherals)
-checked the clock of the geforce and is all ok
-checked the bios of the motherboard and saw that the one I have on is the last released
-tried to uninstall of the pci cards of my system
(made the benches with only os,video drivers and 3dmark installed !!!)
-the pci port under the agp (on my mobo those ports share the same irq) is empty
-other little tweaks using nvmax...

I really don't have an idea of how to solve my problem....sigh i'm going postal !!!!!!!!!!! :)

can someone help me pls !!!!
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  1. You've got alot of decent (and expensive) hardware.
    Why are you still running on a PIII 450?
    In my numerous upgrades (both video card and cpu), I've found that the cpu upgrades affect performance more dramatically that vid card upgrades.
    Ofcourse, ideally, you want to do both...but looking at your hardware list...the PIII 450 is holding you back.
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