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So my fiancee's mom is looking for a laptop with around a 500 dollar budget, though there is a little wiggle room on either side. She would mainly be surfing the internet, sending e-mails, using facebook, really low key stuff. Does anyone have a suggestion for a specific laptop that would be good for her purposes? Fast load times would probably be the most important thing to her, so I was thinking about perhaps a Core i3 with a small SSD and maybe around 4-6 gb of ram.

Thanks in advance.
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    15.6" ASUS S56CA-WH31 Ultrabook for $499.99. Not the fastest laptop since comes with an Intel ULV Core i3 CPU (1.8Ghz), but it does have a small SSD and it is relatively light for an ultrabook of that size.

    Or 15.6" Lenovo IdeaPad G580 laptop with a Core i3 3110M @ 2.40GHz. No SSD. But the CPU is 33.33% faster.
  2. in all honesty, just buy a $300 laptop, and replace the mechanical hard drive with a 120GB SSD and she will be really happy. Happy with the responsiveness (because normal users don't really perceive processor speed- they perceive how long it takes to boot up and how long it takes to open an app) and happy because she only spent $400.
  3. Dont buy a $300 laptop as most of them packs low speed processors and will lag for sure. The best deal this holiday season you can get under $500 is Acer Aspire V3-551 which comes with a price tag of $439 but packs

    blazing fast AMD Quad-Core processor A8-4500M
    AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics
    Windows 8 Operating System
    500GB Hard Disk
    2- USB 2.0 Ports and 1 USB 3.0 port

    Found the deal below
  4. Just get her a Surface tablet for Christmas.
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