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Keyboard on my husband's Toshiba Satellite L850 is not working properly - some keys nothing at all and other bring up other programmes such s the 'help' box. We need help................any suggestions?
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  1. Laptop keyboards are the bane of most IT pro’s existence. Most shops you take it to will advise you to replace the entire keyboard. It’ll be a $100 or less fix.

    What happened? Spilling caustic liquid is the most common problem. Coke and keyboards are a bad combination. Any citrus juice as well. Cat pee is also a common cause, but even water can do it.

    Barring replacement of the keyboard by an authorized service provider, pick up a USB keyboard at Wal-Mart and use it instead.
  2. I was hoping there would be an easy fix as it was working fine yesterday until our son used the computer. Pretty certain nothing was spilled on it. Was hoping it was something simple like keys had been pressed that changed the settings somehow. Have read about 'Filterkeys' and to press the right SHIFT button for 10 seconds but this has not worked.
    As for a USB keyboard - I may have to look into it but bo Wal-Mart yet in the UK...............!! Many thanks.
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