Strange problem after fresh 98se install

My friends computer had some very serious problem with win98 that I couldn't fix so I deltree'd windows and reinstalled it(she didn't want to lose her mp3s). Whats odd is that when I try to open IE, windows tells me there isn't enough memory to do it. My friend has 256 meg of ram (windows confirms this so it can SEE the memory) and theres nothing loaded in memory that would cause this to happen. I've even removed things from the startup to clean it out even more.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

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  1. Transfer the MP3s to another hardrive, if you can, for temporary storage, then completely reformat the problem hardrive, reinstall the OP/SYS and transfer the MP3s back to the drive, thats what you should have done to start with if you were going to reload the OP/SYS anyway.

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  2. Have you checked the size of the swap file?

    Go to Control Panel->System->Performance->Virtual Memory and see what settings are used for the swap file size. If it is automatic, try switching to manual and creating a file 256-512MB in size.

    Good Luck.

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  3. Unfortunatly there isn't a second drive to transfer the mp3s onto or I would have done that.

    Swap is set to auto. I'll try the manual suggestion.

  4. can you burn thoze mps onto cds? have a borner? have cds? can you take your hd off of your pc and "help him out"?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  5. She doesn't have a burner, but I'm getting a portable drive next week if we don't have the problem fixed by then.

    Changing the pagefile settings didn't help btw.

    Heres some more things since my last post.

    I went into the registry and cleaned out everything but the logitech software from the Run folder. I also checked autoexec.bat and the only thing thats loaded is the soundcard settings.

    One thing thats odd is that I can open up a browser window if I hit windows update but it won't connect to the internet because its not set up. It seems I get the "out of memory" error when windows tries to launch the Connection Wizard software.

    Very odd...
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