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Hello, I'm looking to get a GeForce card to upgrade my old voodoo 3000 card. I need one that has tv out and one that about 300 or less. I hear one has a built in DVD Decoder is that true. I run my DVD off of there so I was wondering if you can give me some suggestions. thanks.
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  1. I have the Asus V7700 deluxe GF2 GTS with video in/out. I love it. Super fast with lots of inputs/outputs. Retail boxed its only like $222.

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  2. Know of any good cards with tv-out as well for less money, but still perform well?
  3. well you can go with one of the generic GF2 cards and you might get it for like $170-180 if you are into generic stuff. I personally will never buy generic video cards because of how important it is to have maximum compatibility in such an important component. There is an Asus GF2 MX with video out for like $111 I believe. Of course this won't perform like the GF2 GTS, but the MX is still a very good card.

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  4. Ati radeon is just a bit under the speed of gerforce 2's but has better quality and the best dvd playback ever. The radeon's can come with VIVO or you cna get the all in wonder radeon which has every ouput/input devices you can think of. It is also a very good price for performance,quality/price ratio.
  5. ATi RADEON All in Wonder - is your answer

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  6. I have a 32MB (SDRAM) Radeon w/TV out. It works great.

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  7. I have ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder, works very well for me... all the games I have work perfectly, DVD playback is *amazing*, I actually like ATI software better than PowerDVD...
    and you have so many Input and Output options its really not even funny:)

    some people have had some troubles installing them, and a few have raised a lot of fuss about it... however, it works for me without a hitch, and new drivers have come out which presumably would help those who did have problems...
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