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I have a question for you guys I have just recently built 3 identical systems, Asus A7V athlon 900 etc etc, i have put ASUS v7700 32mb geforce 2 gts deluxe cards into all of them, and havent had any issues so far, accept one.. the one machine uppon first installing the video card, the card bios that displays first thing even before the mother board bios, displays 16mb instead of the expected 32mb. computer still boots and runs fine, then on a whim it will sometimes boot up as 32 mb, what could be the problem here? any suggestions. or ideas as to what is causing this and how to fix it, this never happens with the other two systems.

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  1. Thats odd indeed, it can only be the card, perhaps a bios issue within the card itself ( the video cards bios that is)or some of its memory is going bad. How does the card perform as compared to the other systems? Have you run a test after it booted showing 16 and compared to to when it booted showing 32?

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  2. Yes, by all means benchmark. If performance is reduced, consider flashing the card. If the card is under warranty, well...

    Have you swapped it with the ones in the other systems to repeat the results?

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