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Hey, I have a Voodoo3 3500 and I have been using the official drivers from 3dfx. I wanted to increase the performance and I read some were to install the Voodoo4/5 drivers over the exsisting drivers. With that done, I was to enable geometry assist. I had a very little increase. However, in 3dmark 2000, I usually only see 3DNOW, and software T&L. For the hell of it one day, I plugged the puppy into a Duron 700 system. I used the voodoo 5 drivers did the optimizing and ran 3dmark 2000. The difference is that now I see Direct 3d hardware T&L. So I went ahead and tried it. It blew me away. I got nearly 4000 with some tweaking. What I dont understand is, why don't I see Hardware T&L on my k6-2? I know its not the processor because I tried a TNT2 in the duron and the k6-2 and both don't have hardware T&L. I also tried a Geforce2 MX that I know has Hardware T&L in both system and there was Hardware T&L shining like a sun. So my question is, how do I enable hardware T&L in my k6-2 system??

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  1. Uh... Voodoo cards aren't supposed to have hardware T&L.
    If you got it working somehow, that would be pretty miraculous. Did they attempt, fail, then disable it, while proudly proclaiming that t&l was unnecessary? Wouldn't suprise me somehow. It really shouldn't work though. Is there a special software t&l support that improves performance? Sorry I don't know about that. Anybody else have any ideas?

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  2. Well, i think the only cards that have T6L are Nvidia´s and ATI´s!
    3DFx didn´t implement T&L on their graphic cards!

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  3. Well Ive been reading some articles and the least touched - the help files. After going through them, I learned that Geometry Assist enables 3dfx's own D3D hardware T&L but only in the later Intel and AMD systems. Does anyone know why it's only in the later systems or how to enable it in a K6-2 system?
  4. It could be a problem with the AGP support of the chipset.

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