Can't run a TimeDemo on Quake III w/ Asus 7700 AGP

I just installed an Asus 7700 Deluxe AGP video card (GeForce 2 GTS). I was eager to see my performance gains in frames-per-second by running a timedemo in QUAKE III. I have run tons of timedemo's with my previous Voodoo card without any problems. Whenever I pull down the console with this new card installed, and try to run the time demo (#1), it loads the wrong timedemo at first, and then it kicks me back out to the main menu of Quake III without running the demo. Kind of a pisser, eh? I can't run either demo at all. My AGP is set to 2x in the bios, not 4x as I've heard this can cause problems. I have the original drivers that came with the retail pack installed right now.

Anyone run into this problem before?

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  1. Is quake 3 set to run in minigl mode for voodoo? Check for updates on those drivers too.
  2. Yeah, I think so maybe. When I look in Quake III and I check out the "open GL" mode, my only choice there is "voodoo". I had a Voodoo 3 3000 prior to my installing this Asus GeForce II GTS card. I tried uninstalling quake and reinstalling, but this didn't help any. Where can I get updates to run in gl mode? Is that what I need. Right now, when I try to run timedemo #1, it loads up timedemo #2 (that fuzzy load screen when you launch a new game in quake iii), and then never goes into the timedemo. It just kicks me out to the main menu without running the demo. I never had this problem with my voodoo card.

  3. If your running 1.27g patch on Quake3 you cant run time demos. Its something that got screwed up with the patch. I tried running some after I patched and they would load then crash out to the front screen. So much for patching, fix one thing screw up another.
  4. Ahhhhh. Now I see. And here I thought that I had screwed something up. Any word on a patch......uh...for their patch?

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