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I have a Li-polymer battery pack 11.1v 3800mAh 42.18 model no: w860bat3 battery can it be rebuilt?
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  1. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better...stronger...faster... JK I have no idea what your asking lol, I am gonna assume no, you could buy a new one though!
  2. no rebuild, but get it recycled.
  3. You can rebuild it.
    Open the battery case using razors screwdrivers and such.
    Then look at one of the batteries and see what type they are ur looking for 66001 or something like that.
    Order new batteries. Get a soldering iron.
    Take wires off old batteries, solder wires on new batteries.
    Put case back together with super glue.
    The End.
  4. If your battery seems to be dead, you can try to recalibrate it on BIOS, if this does not work, you should get a replacement. BTW, there are many cheap replacement batteries on Ebay.
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