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Asus K55N APU upgradeable

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
December 19, 2012 9:25:46 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew if the APU was upgradeable from a A8-4500 to a A10-4600.

I want to increase my gaming speed and cannot find anything on this.
I checked Asus website and it shows 3 processors for this model:

AMD A70M Chipset:
AMD Radeon® Mobility™ HD7660G *1
AMD Radeon® Mobility™ HD7640G *2
AMD Radeon® Mobility™ HD7520G *3

I have found the A10 APU on ebay.
Installing one does not concern me as I have a lot of experience with laptop builds.

Has anyone ever tried to upgrade there APU with a K55N or had any troubles with the A70M chipsets?
I am upgrading the ram to 8gb to help but getting an A10 would help a lot form the benchmarks I have seen.
December 31, 2013 3:41:18 PM

sorry for not giving you good answers, but the socket on the laptop should support most a series apus, but i have the k55n ds 81 laptop, and i cannot find out how to get to the apu! i even toook off the keyboard and i could see the fan through a vent, but not a way to get to it and the apu. You said you have experience with laptops, please tell me how to access the processor so i can upgrade, and answer would be VERY appreciated.