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I am needing to get a new computer. I do a lot of video uploading via live stream to multiple users over the internet. Can't stress how much I need to be able to stream HD live without any hiccups in the system. Don't need a lot of memory, 4GB is ok, 6GB nicer. More not necessary.
I am leaning towards a 2.6Ghz, but Completely lost on the Processors. AMD, I3, I5, I7, Celeron.
Been trying to do as much research as possible, but still getting lost. :D
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  1. Intel i5 or i7 should be your only consideration. The difference is price (performance). Buy what you can afford.
  2. I'm sure for streaming only, even an i3 would suffice. If beside streaming you also do video editing and stuff go for an i7 + a powerful nvidia GPU to ensure the best performance.
  3. Also, "a 2.6GHz" means nothing... At all.

    The ONLY time the clock speed matters is when comparing two chips that are otherwise identical - two Ivy Bridge Intel cores, for example.
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