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Recover my d225e

I have a acer aspire one d225e. I was talking to my girlfriend on my computer and everything froze so I turned it off. Now I turn it on and it keeps beeping and it comes to this black screen that says,
check cable connection!
Pxe-mof: exiting Intel pxe Rom
no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

I really need to get this fixed I have school I have to do school
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    Yikes - it's not finding your boot drive for one of any number of reasons. Take it to a reputable computer shop and if they can recover your data, buy an external hard drive and start backing it up regularly.

    Every student unfortunately seems to learn this the hard way, for the most part, but maybe you'll be lucky and your drive won't be fried. Even though you'll have to shell out $ for an external, it's totally worth it to prevent having to rewrite a thesis or something like that.
  2. theres really nothing on the computer. i just started school so nothing important was on it. is there anything i can do even try and make it work? i really dont need anything on it.
  3. Well, it honestly sounds like your hard drive might be dead. If you have a spare one or access to a SATA to USB cable, you can test it but if you drive is dead you'll need to replace it.

    Alternately, you can try to force the computer to boot from the hard drive (sometimes the boot order gets messed up, although it happens more on desktops than laptops.) Right when you turn it on, there might be an option to press F12 or something like that to change the boot order. Try that and make it boot from the hard drive.

    You can also try going into BIOS to see if maybe the drive isn't recognized. That will help shed some light at least - post back here what you find and we'll go from there.
  4. what is sata to usb cable? i no how to change the boot order but do u no the order that its supposed be in?
  5. Basically you just want the boot order to be hard drive first and anything else (pxe, dvd, usb) second. If you have any other flash drives or USB devices plugged in, remove them and then reboot.
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  7. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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