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I'm sure this has been answered, but can you CLEAN INSTALL Windows 7 64 bit onto a Vista 32-bit computer from an upgrade disk?
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  1. no, you cant upgrade from vista 32-bit to win 7 64-bit using an upgrade disk
  2. He asked if he could clean install using an upgrade disk, not upgrade. Yes he can do a clean install using an upgrade disk.

    There are step-by-step instructions here:

    Just a snippit to get the OP started:

    From Winsupersite:
    Before we get started, here are some general guidelines to help you understand what will and won't work during Setup with Upgrade media. These tips and tricks represent the bulk of the information we didn't have before Microsoft shipped Windows 7 to millions of people in October 2009. Each of these was confirmed by the team at Microsoft that created the Windows 7 Setup technology.

    If you have a previous version of Windows (XP or Vista), try launching Windows 7 Setup from that OS first, even if you want to wipe out the previous Windows verison. If you run Windows 7 Setup from your previous OS, Windows 7 will always activate.

    or you can google it:
  3. misread the question.

    Yes, you should be fine if it is the retail upgrade version

    it will not work if you are trying to an in-place upgrade
  4. NOT try to in-place upgrade. Do a custom install after starting the install from the current OS and wipe out the will activate.
  5. In fact, that all you can do. It will not upgrade from 32 bit from 64 bit.
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