Connecting Desktop Speakers to a Laptop

I plugged in desktop speakers to my laptop and they do not work. Any reason why? Headphones work fine but no sound from the speakers. Thanx.
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  1. make sure the speakers are powered on and the volume is not turned down...test them with your ipod..make sure you are connecting the green speaker cable to your headphone jack and not your mic jack
  2. You might have to go into control panel and change the default sound device to the speakers.
  3. or the speakers are busted
  4. or the headphone port is broken.
  5. speakers are brand new.
  6. If you are not even going to offer REAL advice then stop posting ignorant responses. How can the headphone port be broken when the headphones work?
  7. I'm done. I will go somewhere else where there are actual mature people willing to help and offer advice.
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